A daybed is the perfect furniture for daydreaming and small breaks during the day. Let the daybed be a haven for relaxation, where your home at the same time gets a touch of lavish exclusivity and seductive luxury.

Experience two designs in one

With our daybed you make room for more relaxation and heighten the quality of life in your everyday life. If you are a real design enthusiast, you will need to have a daybed for your furniture collection. A daybed will naturally enrich your home with design that does not compromise - neither in terms of comfort or appearance. The daybed is a beautiful combination of a sofa's elegant design and the soft comfort of the bed, where the daybed brings together the best of both pieces of furniture. The daybed has a functional design that will help optimize space in the room while lifting the interior of the home to a new level.

Meet DAY1, the daybed from JENSENplus

DAY1 from JENSENplus has a seductive design, which runs in perfect symbiosis with Nordic minimalism and at the same time offers great functionality. The classic Nordic look is evident in the daybed's thoughtful details. Perfectism characterizes DAY1 with the precise stitches and sharp details. Thus, DAY1 can be a key feature in any interior design, lounge area in businesses or waiting rooms, where it will be suitable next to newspapers, flyers and magazines. DAY1 can both blend in with the existing decor, but can also stand out, with its classic and stylish look. Just find the variation that pleases you and look forward to receiving a daybed where you can sit back and take a well-earned coffee break.

Why you cannot live without a daybed

The daybed is a classic in modern furniture. Choose a daybed with a timeless design, made of natural materials, and you have secured yourself a piece of furniture that will also be pretty in 20 years. The daybed has many uses in your home, we have collected a couple of examples for you here:


The most daybed offers a light design, which suits almost every room and environment. Daybeds are a delight to the eye and can be styled exactly as you like.


The daybed has become an iconic piece of furniture, which easily can be used as a piece of art in the home, in public spaces or in business receptions and lobbies. The daybed offers luxurious aesthetics of the highest class.


The daybed has a simple construction, where the shell itself offers space for cushions or mattresses. The daybed can be put against a wall and act as a backrest. But most importantly: the daybed is perfect for small powernaps or as an extra guest bed.

Great company for large rooms

It is no secret that the daybed really shines if placed in big rooms. This presents the design of the daybed exactly as it is intended and distinctly visible different from the well-known sofa.

Extra seating

Consider if the daybed can be used as an extra seat during the day. The daybed is created for a relaxing lounge area in the company where it is complimented greatly by comfortable pillows, chairs and lamps.

Storage in the bedroom

If your bedroom allows space for a daybed, you will be able to use the furniture for dressing. Use the daybed to put on clothes, or as a practical bench, you can quickly sit on.

Reading corner

With the classic look of the daybed, you have a piece of furniture that can easily be styled with different accessories. For example, place a practical reading light above your daybed and create a cozy reading corner.

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