Hooks with endless style opportunities

A hook is an indispensable accessory when it comes to interior decoration. Not only are hook practical, they can also be used to draw attention to your favorites from the wardrobe, the bathroom or the entrance. Look forward to solid designs in each of our hooks. Welcome sharp lines, a minimalist expression and incredible longevity designed by Danish architects.

5 brilliant places to place hooks in the home

There is hardly a room where you can’t not place a hook or a whole rack. We give you 5 obvious places to make room for hooks in your furniture decoration.

Hooks for your hallway

Hooks for outerwear, scarves and taxes are indispensable in the entrance hall. It's easy to put on your outerwear, keys and bag when you get home, but at the same time be easy to grab when you get out the door in the morning. If you even create space for keys and purse, you have a functional entrance that will always welcome you and your guests.

Hooks for your kitchen

The kitchen is a workplace and a living place, which offers wonderful dining experiences and good times with friends and families. Why not make the kitchen functional with functional hooks that make sure the dishes, bedspreads and towels are diligently used. FM Hooks Solo and rack FM Hooks are made of powder coated steel, which has a high abrasion resistance. On the back of the oval circles you will find a hidden hook that provides extra storage.

Hooks for your living room

Does a hook for you living room sounds strange? We say – why not?
By placing a hook in the living room, you have the opportunity to give the living room a personal touch. Use the dog rack for family pictures, storage of your camera, books or collections of small accessories.

Hooks for the home office

Det er fordelagtigt at have en arbejdsstation i hjemmet til både lektielæsning, kreative projekter og hjemmearbejdsdage. Indret dit hjemmekontor med en knagerække og skab derved lidt ekstra opbevaringsmuligheder. Placer hvad end du ønsker og gør derved rummet endnu mere attraktivt at anvende.

Hooks for the wardrobe

In addition to a big closet for your clothes and your shoes, it's always a good idea to have a coat rack for scarves, bags, and jewelry. Use the hooks to store your clothes while you're getting dressed or letting the hooks function as part of the decor and decorate it with beautiful things you like to look at.

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