Made in Denmark

Danish production is part of our DNA. Whenever you buy a table, a chair or a candlestick you can be sure of that every product from JENSENplus is made in Denmark. We have proud traditions for professional craftsmanship. Our furniture is made by talented Danish carpenters, boilermakers, and upholsterers. The mission of our furniture collection and production is always to create furniture of high quality with a strong design profile.

We offer customization of all our furniture

Our core competencies lie in producing furniture for business, that can be customized exactly as you need. No matter if it is another textile, a different length or dept. The mix of interesting materials becomes possible and the understanding of how to produce long-lasting furniture, made and created for people, is a natural part of our everyday life. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have a special request about the customization of our furniture.


JENSENplus is known for creating furniture with high durability. We call that sustainable. By focusing on durability and a long lifetime, in every single furniture we produce, it secures that your money is well spent because you can practically pass on any JENSENplus furniture for future generations. Our furniture has strong wear and tear which secures a beautify look after many years of use. We only use natural materials like wood, concrete, steel, and leather. The focus in every design is always to cut off ‘noise’ and keep all furniture simple and minimalistic. This creates the perfect setting for the work environment and your private home.