We collaborate with architects from all over Europe

At JENSENplus we strive to always offer quality and dynamic furniture that fits flexible interior designs and suits the customers’ needs to establish the best working environment for employees.
We believe this can only happen if the adaptability exceeds expectations and the furniture can function as it is meant to while allowing for a custom fixture.

We believe that a close collaboration with architects gives the customer the best conditions for a functional and aesthetic space, where people will enjoy to spend time. In addition, a collaboration with architects ensures that all cases are built to suit 100% of customers’ needs.

Why should you collaborate with us?

We like to let you do what you are best at. Therefore, we have a clear division of tasks.
This is how a collaboration could look like:

1. Uncovering the customer needs

As an architect, you will be able to uncover and clarify customer’s needs. Is there a need for custom solutions? In addition, in this phase, the budget needs to be determined and how many rooms or square meters needs to be renovated or streamlined.

2. Visualization of interior design

You will begin the process of visualizing a new interior design with color charts, furniture examples and floor plan. Included is a presentation and outline of standard and custom furniture – which is selected on behalf of the customer’s needs. If you need help on complex sustainable materials and construction tasks, JENSENplus has a development team to support you. Gothic knots are solved together, and the focus is to create an economically advantageous solution for the customer with the longest possible lifetime.

3. Project management

When the presentation is approved by the customer it is time to collect offers from one or several dealers which are visualized by the architect and approved by the customer. Whether or not a local dealer is requested, JENSENplus can help find a dealer who can assist the customer with logistics lift the task for the customer. The dealer will be pricing both JENSENplus and 3rd party furniture. JENSENplus works closely with the dealer and the architect in this phase in connection with the delivery of the project. We offer single-point-of-contact, to ensure a simple and effective installation task. We are of course stand-by throughout the assembly period. JENSENplus also offers its own on-site assembly supervision for major and complex tasks.

Still, in doubt if we are a good match?

We offer a high level of customized standard furniture. If you have a creative idea in a new material, a new variant or an adaptation that the customer wants to have, we can deliver the constructing drawings and production. Skilled carpenters secure a high level of detail and perfection.


“Working with JENSENplus was a delight. Although this project was very challenging in many ways, it was great to collaborate together and finish this wonderful project in style. Particularly we were very charmed by the flexibility and willingness to deliver outstanding solutions. The always welcome-with-a-smile approach, the rapidity of the answers on the (many) questions and finally the timeless design and quality of the JENSENplus products. JENSENplus have our recommendation.”

Dirk & Nancy, Buro Modern

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You have the opportunity to buy all of our JENSENplus furniture at a special project price. No matter how many pieces you need, we can make you a personal deal. If you need one or several of our furniture as a customized order that is possible. All you have to do is send us a request.

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At JENSENplus we offer free BIM Objects of all our furniture. This gives you the opportunity to fill your projects with JENSENplus furniture in the exactly size and material you like. Discover our world of BIM Objects right here. Are you not a BIM user? Click request full DWG catalog, and we will send it to you.

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