Our take on the ultimate wall storage solution.

ELEMENTS provides you with the possibility to play around with materials, colors and application. Wall modules can be customized exactly according to the designated room. This opens up for plenty of creativity, in which you can play around with materials and color combinations. That makes ELEMENTS a flexible solution. It can stand alone and meet specific needs in smaller series but can also form part of an entity with other products or adapt to changing contexts.
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every room

ELEMENTS for every room

ELEMENTS is available in two different sizes and widths. The combination of different widths creates a good balance in the room. The point of departure in the development of ELEMENTS has indeed been this uniformity, as the modules resemble customized inventory – without being complex though. 

By default, ELEMENTS comes in oak but the modules can also be produced in, e.g., smoked oak, OSB wood or painted MDF.

ELEMENTS offers a great diversity because of the many different storage solutions like pegs, shelves, and bookcases. Mirror, pin-up board, and a clock can easily be combined and added to the loose modules.