BIM objects / 3D-files

Below you'll find all JENSENplus-products as BIM objects, in all available formats. Download is completely free of charge, no matter how many files you download or how often. All you need is a BIMobject user, and if you do not already have one, you can create one upon download. If you want further information on BIM object please look below BIM objects. 

Definition of a BIM Object

BIM (Building Information Modellig) objects are a lot of digital information in 2D or 3D files gathered in an online platform called BIM. BIM objects are useful when building companies, estates or having an interior project, because you can use BIM objects in the start-up phase. BIM objects allow you to manage colour, size and material on each object you select and download to your project. BIM objects are therefore very useful to architects, designers, engineers and contractors. 

When you download a BIM object from JENSENplus, you can choose between several different formats – and it is all free of charge:

-       3ds
-       ArchiCAD
-       AutoCAD
-       IFC
-       Materials & Textures
-       Revit
-       Revit Family Type Catalog
-       Vectorwork
-       Sketchup

BIM objects are a universe of endless adaptabilities

Every BIM object has a “Level of Development” (LOD), which is the granularity of each BIM object. A BIM object is like a building block with different layers of information. LOD rank from 100-500. Normally a BIM object has a LOD between 200-300 which secures a right level of design, geometry and construction information. At JENSENplus all our BIM objects are level 200-300 which creates a perfect balance between functionality and simplicity. It is also possible to use the BIM object App. This App makes it easy for you to download and selected the right information and options for your preferred BIM objects.

Create your own BIM board

BIM is a flexible system and very easy to navigate through – also when you are travelling. You can search, select and put together the specific product you like and create your own BIM board.

How to:

-       Make sure that you are logged in  
-       Select the BIM object you like
-       Click on the heart “add”
-       Now you can share your personal BIM board by selecting the heart and click share your BIM board”
-       Finally, you can download all your saved BIM objects to your preferred drawing program by clicking “Browse BIM Objects”

Share BIM objects on social media

It is very easy to share BIM objects on social media. All you need to do is clicking on the “Share” bottom you find in the menu, when you are exploring a specific product. You can also use an embedded code. This code is excellent for e-mail marketing and sharing on social media because it allows directly access to a BIM object.

This I why you need to use BIM

When you use BIM objects it is an efficient way to optimize your process and working life, because BIM is a system that allows you to download the specific file you need in high quality. There are several reasons why to use BIM objects from JENSENplus:

-       When using a BIM object, you eliminate the chance for misunderstandings and it is very easy to share the files between colleagues and on social media
-       BIM helps you to make the most of your project and support your thoughts and ideas
-       Our BIM objects will never be deleted from our database and it is free to download the exact file you want

If you have any questions regard our BIM objects feel free to contact JENSENplus.
We hope you will enjoy our BIM files.